It IS low-hanging fruit

Perhaps SNL simply realizes they can never out-parody the real Creepy Joe and Javier.

Saturday Night Live completely avoided parodying Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in its first episode since the pair were sworn into office. 

Hosted by John Krasinki, the first SNL of 2021 managed to not feature either the president or vice president in its skits. 

Instead it featured special ‘appearances’ from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Brady. 

The move was blasted online by some viewers who described the show as a ‘snoozefest’ which is ‘too scared of getting canceled’. 

Others noted how Donald Trump had been the butt of their jokes for the past four years.

Although what they should have done is have the real Javier Bardem guest-host and then play his doppleganger.