Fake it ’til they take it

 AC points out a very small, but very significant anomaly at the “White House”:

This next one is funny. We’ve seen a lot of articles on how the immature Donald Trump had a special button installed to press when he wanted a Diet Coke brought to him on a silver platter, while the mature Joe Biden had it removed, because he is a grown up. In reality, an anon noted , that button is actually the Presidential Call box, an emergency button put on the President’s desk to allow him to summon the Secret Service in an emergency. So what happened? 

Anons think Biden’s team forgot to put the button on his Oval Office Set, and by the time they realized anons were scrutinizing the set, the pictures were already out and they realized they would need to explain why there was no button. So a cover story was hastily assembled. If true, the media is fully on board with the deception, and is basically doing with Biden what they did with FDR. I remember seeing examples of how they propped FDR up against a wall, so it would look like he was walking around the office. They propped him up against a piling on a dock in a swim suit, so it would look like he spent the day swimming, when in reality he couldn’t swim. They were afraid back then people wouldn’t support him if it was realized he had been left in a wheelchair by Polio. 

They all stuck to the lie back then, and they are doing so again today. Together they all hope by making it look like Biden is President it will be more difficult to overturn the election when fraud is definitively proven. In for a penny, in for a pound.

FDR is a good reminder that a) what you think you know is not necessarily the truth, and b) the media is perfectly capable of successfully colluding to keep the truth from the public. Kennedy, too, is a good example. He was successfully portrayed as a healthy, athletic, happily-married man when he was, in fact, a crippled bisexual philanderer. Keep that in mind if you’re convinced that Joe Biden is actually the President actively presiding over the USA from the White House. 

In any event, the anons are correct that it is not a special button installed by President Trump’s staff for any reason. LBJ had it installed and there are already pictures showing it on the desk with Bush, Obama, and Clinton. Now that you know the media is lying to you about this, the next question you should ask yourself is “why?”