Mailvox: Let down by the Alpha

 A Voxiversity viewer correctly picks up on one source of the American people’s very understandable disappointment in President Trump:

I was watching the Alpha SSH video a couple of weeks ago. – When you explained how one of the obligations of Alpha status is that non-Alphas will expect the Alpha to stand up for them I thought, “Hmmmm, so, if Trump isn’t seen to be actively and openly fighting The Steal, people who were his supporters will turn on him?”

I’ve read a lot of comments over the last few days and that seems to be what has happened with some readers. 

Am I correctly understanding what I am seeing?

Yes, precisely. It has been 48 hours and more since President Trump left the White House for Florida. People quite rightly feel abandoned, confused, let down, and even betrayed by him. This is entirely normal SSH behavior, and I expect it will eventually turn to anger and contempt if President Trump continues to remain silent or to speak in irrelevant platitudes when he appears in public.

As for me, I have not given up hope. What part of “The Ride Never Ends” don’t you understand?