Do you think they don’t know?

Democratic politicians are afraid to enter the killbox:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday he had canceled his plans to attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration this week and will instead stay in Albany due to security concerns at state capitols around the country.

“The inauguration is Wednesday. I was planning to go — I’m not going to,” Cuomo said during a virtual press briefing, adding, “I think my place is to stay in New York state given this possible circumstance.”

Hi-larious. They recognize what’s going on. Why don’t you? Meanwhile, President Trump issues what might reasonably be described as an Executive Order on Banning The Deep State From Assassinating Cops.

Executive Order on Protecting Law Enforcement Officers, Judges, Prosecutors, And Their Families

Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers should not have to choose between public service and subjecting themselves and their families to danger. My Administration has no higher priorities than preserving the rule of law in our country and protecting the men and women who serve under its flag. Accordingly, I am ordering enhanced protections for judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers. Federal law already allows Federal and State law enforcement officers to protect themselves by carrying a concealed firearm, but the Federal Government can do more to cut the red tape that Federal law enforcement officers must navigate to exercise their right. The current threat to Federal prosecutors also demands an expansion of their ability to carry a concealed firearm, as allowed under the Department of Justice’s existing authorities. Finally, the Congress should act expeditiously to adopt legislation extending the right to carry a concealed firearm to Federal judges and pass other measures that will expand our capacity to combat threats of violence against judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers.