Mailvox: you can smell their confidence

One thing I’ve noticed from the Legal Legion’s battles is that the more angry, shrill, and threatening the other side gets, the closer they are to complete collapse. You’re not seeing most of the comments being left here by the shills and blackpills, but I’ve started saving them for future amusement in the event that things don’t turn out the way they all purport to believe.

Give me a fucking break. He’s down to 29{3549d4179a0cbfd35266a886b325f66920645bb4445f165578a9e086cbc22d08} total approval in national polls. Your delusional fantasies continue to amuse, though. I hope you enjoy the total Democratic control of both houses and the White House. Now eat shit, fascist.

– NickJanuary

He sounds calm and confident, doesn’t he? He’s clearly relaxed and happily anticipating all the healing and unity of the incipient Biden adminstration, right? What I’m hearing from the shills and blackpills tends to remind me of the false prophets of Ba’al, as they redoubled their desperate efforts to speak their desired reality into existence.

At noon Elijah started making fun of them: “Pray louder! He is a god! Maybe he is day-dreaming or relieving himself, or perhaps he’s gone off on a trip! Or maybe he’s sleeping, and you’ve got to wake him up!” So the prophets prayed louder and cut themselves with knives and daggers, according to their ritual, until blood flowed. They kept on ranting and raving until the middle of the afternoon; but no answer came, not a sound was heard.

– 1 Kings 18: 27-29

They’re praying to their false gods in Britain too:

Why Britain must pray that Joe Biden can hold Fortress America… as thousands of US troops prepare to descend on an inauguration like no other.

Don’t be surprised if the British government follows the example of the Dutch, Estonian, and Italian governments soon.

UPDATE: Wolf Blitzer is so sad.

I spotted these National Guard troops at a normal Washington street corner not even near the Capitol. So many streets have been closed. It reminds me of the war zones I saw in Baghdad or Mosul or Falluja. So sad.