CNN stormed the Capitol

Sounds like insurrection on the part of the media to me:

CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrating the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!” And then asking her conspirator if he was filming, he said he’d delete it, he lied. CNN was in on it.

To make this clear. CNN was embedded with BLM/Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters videoing them incite a riot. This is freaking huge. If CNN is allowed to maintain its press access anywhere in DC there needs to be a serious overhaul of our entire system.

According to sources she was working on a CNN project, but she’s done a lot of work for NBC and NPR.

Now some of President Trump’s comments denouncing the “rioters” are beginning to make a lot more sense. As for all those media charges of “insurrection”, remember, SJWs always project.

Twitter, of course, is in on it:

We do intend to do the full retro as I said in my note, it is going to take some time. And then the other thing, just to close out a little bit: we are focused on one account right now. But this is going to be much bigger than just one account. And it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week. And the next few weeks and go on beyond the inauguration. We have to expect that, we have to be ready for that.’

So, the focus is certainly on this account and how it ties to real world violence. But also we need to think much longer term around how these dynamics play out over time. I don’t believe this is going away any time soon. And the moves that we’re making today around QAnon for instance, one such example of a much broader approach we should be looking at and going deeper on.

So the team has a lot of work and a lot of focus on this particular issue. But we also need to give them the space and the support to focus on the much bigger picture. Because it is not going away.

No doubt we can look forward to Jack Dorsey deplatforming CNN soon. In the meantime, get off Twitter. Get off Facebook. And support the alternate platforms! If you’re not on UATV and SG yet, you really should be, because you’re going to want to know what is happening.