Mailvox: the woodworker’s philosophy

This expert woodworker’s philosophy is vital for every Christian and right-of-center individual today:

When woodworking with power tools, I routinely ask myself, “If I fell into this tool right now, what would happen?” If the risk is too great, I reorient myself and attempt to do the job safer. There’s risk in all of it, or I could go back to hand saws and chisels. It’s all about managing risk.

I think that every Christian and conservative (or whatever political strip which is not woke) needs to ask, “What if everything I ever said, did, or where I even went was instantly exposed to my spouse, church, employer, and eventually greater world?”. 

You are standing over that dangerous tool every moment you use an iPhone, Android device, or PC. One must never stop asking that question so you understand the risks you are taking and what it means for your future.

He’s absolutely right. And it’s also important to be open about your past and present failings, in order to prevent those who dig up dirt on everyone from having any hold over you. 

And so, when you close your doors and create darkness within, remember never to say that you’re on your own, for in fact, you’re not alone, because God is within you, and your guardian spirit too. And what need do they have of light to see what you’re doing?

– Epictetus