Of all the words of screen and pen

The saddest are these: Vox was right again. The Other McCain muses on The Night of the Digital Long Knives:

I don’t think anyone except the Silicon Valley oligarchs, who no doubt had this planned well in advance, and Vox Day, who had expected this for some time – expected the whole sale purging of conservative & populist accounts from social media that’s taken place this week….

People used to accuse Vox Day of being paranoid when he said these things a few years ago. What’s keeping me awake nights is that Vox might not have been paranoid enough.

More is coming. Don’t be complacent. Don’t wait around on ground you have no intention of defending. Don’t give up any ground you intend to keep without being the hard out. And above all, support the alternative platforms. Because if you don’t, there won’t be anything left for you. Don’t kid yourself, the SJW corpocracy knows everything about who you are, they know that you are not on their side, and they have absolutely no intention of sparing you or permitting you to submit in the future.

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