Mailvox: composited in post

A professional cinematographer examines the President’s most recent video and shares his conclusions:

I’ve been a camera and lighting man for over 10 years with experience in visual effects.   In my opinion there is a high probability that that this video is composited in post. Regarding the low resolution: If he’s getting a deep fake head transplant then the low resolution would have the benefit of smoothing out the masking around his neckline in the profile shot as well as the overly sharp and unnatural edges that outline his body and the flags in the straight-on shot. (Rotoscoping)

Low resolution would also cover up any differences in sharpness if they are compositing together two or more layers with different source resolutions. For example, a 4K Trump head onto a 1080p Trump body and podium. 

Higher resolutions allow for better motion tracking, if it is a deep fake they may have ripped the background and body from a previous speech at whatever the highest resolution was they could get. Dropped it in a 4K timeline with a rendered head and then outputted at 720 or 480 to smooth out and hide the quality disparity.  

Take a look at the background… it appears to be a still image, it’s rock solid, no digital noise at all. In my opinion there is also additional bokeh added to it. (Blur)

Lastly, there are lens abnormalities.  These are shot on longer focal length lenses, which means you will have dramatic focus falloff.  When looking at the profile shot for example, the focus falloff between GEOTUS and flags is minimal. While it is significant between the flags and the walls. However, the distance appears to be greater between GEOTUS and the flag than between the flag and walls. This is not how lenses work, at the very least the background is being altered. 

Running with the deep fake idea, it’s worth noting that this video is strikingly similar to the setup where he addressed the nation regarding voter fraud last month. By that I mean the same lighting, same angles and same lens focal lengths. That video was also the first time there was an edit which awkwardly cut to a side angle. Perhaps they deep faked this demoralization propaganda into that original video. 

What does it all mean?  I think it’s doctored

A prerecorded PR package concession speech from GEOTUS smells like total bullshit to me. Especially considering he’s been conveniently disappeared by the tech overlords since yesterday. 

If I were to speculate it seems the Deep State is trying to deflate the public. Yesterday’s happenings showed the world just how vulnerable they are when the people are determined to exact justice. They need to have our leader kneel and become diminished in our eyes before we become even more emboldened. They need our submission, it is the only way they can prevail.