A tale of two perspectives

James Fox Higgens enjoyed yesterday’s Darkstream:

Another zinger of a quote from this video: “The Babelists are STILL trying to get to Heaven on their own.”

I don’t think any commentator understands the spiritual war better than Vox Day. His writing is also vastly better than his speaking. You should all really read his books if you haven’t. His On the Existence of Gods and The Irrational Atheist are two of the BEST apologetic / polemical books on the truth of Jesus Christ that I have ever read, but they are largely overlooked by Christians. He is a better apologist than William Lane Craig and John Lennox, in my opinion.

And now you understand why I decline all requests for interviews and public speeches. I’ve said everything I feel the need to say in my books. If you want to know what I think, read the books or read the blog.

Erstwhile fan KR, on the other hand, thinks I’ve gone off the deep end:

I’ve been reading you since day one of your worldnet daily column. Before Trump you used to have detailed discussions of theology, evolution, economics, politics. It was fascinating. Your comments section was full of intelligent readers offering interesting insights. I considered you a mentor and the closest thing I had to an idol.

Trump gets elected and you go full on Q conspiracy 24/7 and the posts become 90{e61d147451bc60549e96d95b5c07be35845e0345eab7ed5d54cc3d49f812ab5c} copypastas. Your commenters are imbeciles and you ban the ones who disagree with you when you post obvious bullshit. Me for example. You have become such a fringe figure that I wonder if you could ever return to engaging in debates with other internet figures as you once did if you wanted to.

So I’m curious, did you just do this to boost traffic to your blog with the Q community and sell comic books? Because nobody as purportedly intelligent as you are could honestly believe half the shit you’ve been posting. Anyone who has your purported gift for strategy and wargaming should be able to clearly see that Trump does not have control over the government, he has no governing coalition, no control over anything and he has been feckless in his appointments and weak in his use of power. All he does is tweet and throw people under the bus who support him. He has been monumentally outplayed by the opposition on an almost inconceivable scale. He will be fortunate if he’s not in a New York jail before the end of the year the way things are going. He is not some fucking god emperor. He was a speed bump on what appears to be now the final demise of America into whatever tech oligarchy comes after the republic.

Admittedly the notion that you would change the way you blog just to sell comics seems implausible because you always struck me as a man of decent moral principles. However the idea that you actually believed all that Q nonsense despite a giant mountain of evidence to the contrary seems equally so because you are not stupid at all.

The third possibility is not one I will write.

Nevertheless I just wanted to express my disappointment at losing what was once the most interesting place on the internet and one of the people I very much looked up to when I was a young man.

I haven’t changed a bit. I honestly believe everything that I have posted, although I have noticed that binary thinkers struggle to grasp probabilistic thinking and the concepts of credible but not conclusive evidence and correct syllogisms based on unconfirmed propositions. I also don’t ban people for disagreeing with me, I ban people for lying and saying that things are “obvious bullshit” when they are actually true, or at the very least, potentially true and not definitely known to be false. 

It’s amusing that he’s saying that I’m more of a fringe figure now than I was when the blog got 10 percent of the pageviews that it currently does. What we have here is the eternal curse of the midwit, who, when he can’t keep up with his intellectual superiors, would rather conclude that they are stupid sellouts than admit that he simply isn’t capable of understanding or believing what they are telling him.

I never cease to find it amazing that people claim that Q is nonsense when it is a vastly more reliable guide to current events than the ever-mutating mainstream narrative. The possibility of President Trump’s plan failing is not, and could not possibly be, evidence that the plan does not exist. Certainly Nancy Pelosi and the media believe it exists and are afraid of it, or they would not be trying to impeach him or remove him from office despite the fact that he supposedly only has 13 days left in it.

But whether it is KR’s own limitations or something else that has broken his idolatry of me, that’s all to the good. He should think for himself, even if his ability to do so is observably limited and obviously inferior to mine. And as for the idea that I’m simply trying to sell comics, well, we haven’t released a single new comic in six months.

KR’s screed may help you understand why I never take praise or fandom very seriously. The ranks of everyone’s stalkers, trolls, haters, and committed lifelong enemies are filled with people who once described themselves as the hated figure’s “biggest fan”.