A cure worse than the disease

ITEM:  Veteran talk show host Larry King, suffering from COVID-19, has been moved out of the intensive care unit at a Los Angeles hospital and is breathing on his own, a spokesman said on Monday. King was moved to the ICU on New Year’s Eve and was receiving oxygen but is now breathing on his own, said David Theall, a spokesman for Ora Media, a production company formed by King. The 87-year-old broadcasting legend shared a video phone call with his three sons.

ITEM: The latest suspicious death to occur days (or, in some cases, even hours) after a patient received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine has surfaced in Portugal, where a pediatric surgery assistant in Porto (who was reportedly in “perfect health” when she received her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine) has died suddenly. The patient was identified on Monday as Sonia Azevedo, 41, a mother of two who worked as a surgical assistant at the Instituto Portugues de Oncologia, a cancer hospital in Porto. She was among the 538 healthcare workers at IPO who received their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine last Wednesday. Azevedo had dinner with her family on New Year’s Eve, but was found dead in her bed the following morning.

If a sickly 87-year-old man who has had multiple heart surgeries can survive the disease with the help of a little oxygen, is trying to inoculate oneself against it really worth a 0.18 percent chance of dropping dead for the middle-aged and healthy? To put it in perspective, the odds of dying from the vaccine are slightly worse than the risk of death while hang-gliding.

There is no chance this pandemic would be considered such a massive priority if it weren’t the Boomers in the genuine danger zone from the disease.

Your body, your choice. Never miss an opportunity to hurl their own rhetoric back in their faces.