That is the proper name for “gender dysphoria”, which in practical terms is little more than teenage girls being freaked out by womanhood by the Internet:

In January 2019, the Wall Street Journal ran my article, When Your Daughter Defies Biology.

I was flooded with emails from readers who had experienced with their own children the phenomenon I had described, or had witnessed its occurrence at their children’s schools – clusters of adolescents, suddenly discovering transgender identities together, begging for hormones, desperate for surgery.

Transgender activists attacked me online, so I offered them the opportunity to tell me their stories. 

I spoke to anyone who had something to offer on this issue. Their responses formed the basis of my book about the transgender craze.

I conducted nearly 200 interviews and spoke to more than four dozen families of adolescents, as well as transgender adults – those who present as women and those who present as men…. They have very little to do with the current trans epidemic plaguing teenage girls. 

Closer to the mark are the Salem witch trials of the 17th Century, the nervous disorders of the 18th Century, and anorexia nervosa, repressed memory, bulimia and the self-harm contagion in the 20th Century.

At the forefront of all this are adolescent girls. Their distress is real, but their self-diagnosis is flawed – more the result of encouragement and suggestion than psychological necessity.

Three decades ago, these girls might have hankered for liposuction. 

Two decades ago, they might have ‘discovered’ a repressed memory of childhood trauma or multiple personality disorder.

Today’s diagnostic craze isn’t demonic possession – it’s gender dysphoria. 

She’s right to a point. Because the source of the crazes, the spiritual driver that underlies the material aspects, is the same evil spirit of destruction that fuels abortion, professional careers, and every other form of female self-negation intended to prevent young women from becoming mothers. Because mothers are the key civilization; an attack on motherhood is an attack on society’s ability to sustain itself. 

And the reason Silicon Valley is so opposed to this author is because it is full of those who willingly serve that evil spirit.