Seems a little high

What I find interesting, for the purposes of comparison, is the historical monthly traffic of the sites that made up the core of Pajamas Media back in 2005. These numbers were taken directly from the business plan that allowed Pajamas Media to raise $7 million in venture capital.
  • Instapundit: 4,603,544
  • Michelle Malkin: 3,341,161
  • Little Green Footballs: 3,081,638
  • Volokh Conspiracy: 821,891,
  • Protein Wisdom: 415,940
  • Belmont Club: 308,198
  • Jawa Report: 306,295

15 years later, Instapundit has far more traffic while most of the others have a lot less. But that’s not the point of the observation. Rather, it is informative and educational to observe how smaller sites receive far more media attention, much of it flattering and supposedly indicative of importance, than more popular sites that refuse to respect the boundaries of the mainstream Narrative.

If you happen to be a fly-by or new reader who isn’t likely to stick around once the election crisis concludes, I would encourage you to take this one lesson with you: everything is fake. The news, the science, the hits, the celebrities, the bestsellers, the wealthy, the economic statistics… they are all elements of a false and ever-mutating narrative intended to shape your perceptions. Perception isn’t reality, but since perception always affects Man’s decision-making, shaping his perception is one way to change future reality.