Red State revolt

It appears that Congress’s behavior in passing the revolting National Defense Authorization Act, which makes streaming a federal offense and hands another $500 million to Israel, $135 million to Burma, $86 million to Cambodia, $130 million to Nepal, another $1,400 million to Asian governments, and a paltry $600 to American citizens suffering from the government-imposed economic lockdowns, may be helping stiffen the resolve of the state officials to do their duty:

I’ve been in talks with state government officials over the past few days. Unlike congress, they have BALLS. There’s a plan in the works, and when it hits, it will be absolutely explosive. Sweeping through red America one state at a time like dominoes. If congress doesn’t do their job on the sixth, expect media and lib panic to hit previously unseen levels by the news cycle beginning Jan. 11 and escalate from there.

This tends to run counter to what I know of state officials, but the closer that the calendar – if not the actual probability – gets to the realization of what a Biden administration would actually mean for them, the more the emotional pressure on the state officials to do the right thing rather than simply accept the media narrative grows. It’s one thing to look at the reported election results and run through the gentlemanly, “well, doggone it, we tried” graceful defeat routine, it’s another to look soberly at how badly things are likely to become in short order if you go along with the fake status quo.

Especially when you can see your Blue State counterparts openly breaking the law.

The Michigan Secretary of State directed the county clerks to delete all their electronic voting records. Previous years electric records from 2018 and 2016 are still intact. By law all records are to be preserved for at least 2 years.