Mailvox: their best and brightest

As this reader’s email demonstrates, Trump’s actions will almost certainly take the Swamp by surprise no matter how clearly he signals it.

Laurence Tribe just tweeted about Trump’s EO, which he claims he just learned about, and it frightens him/

Note that Tribe is one of the left-wing legal “heavyweights” who gave the intellectual credibility and push to the impeachment coup. A long-time, “well-respected”  Harvard law professor and a Vyshinsky for his masters. He was the law professor who, when Obama was at Harvard Law, claimed Obama helped him to write the much-mocked, crackpot legal article “The Curvature of Constitutional Space” , which I can confirm is nonsense and argle-barge even by the standards of law review articles. 

Anyway, the fact that Tribe just today sounded the alarm means I think a shift in The Narrative is coming by in the next few days. Now they will screech about Trump being a banana dictator and how the military should remove him before January 6th—you know, for the sake of “democracy.”  

Here’s an alarming Trump Executive Order dated 9/12/18 that I somehow missed until now. 

It’s EO 13848

The more people are aware of it, the less likely it will be that Trump can use it to pull off a sneak attack on our liberties before leaving office.

You will observe, of course, what an advantage is conveyed by possessing that vaunted 115 IQ with an advanced degree….