A fate worse than death

Marvel is all but daring Disney to kill the comics:

Marvel has confirmed that Chris Pratt’s Guardians Of The Galaxy character Star-Lord is a polyamorous bisexual.

A revelation about the character the 41-year-old actor has played in four films and their sexuality has been made in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy #9 comic book.  

Fans of the graphic novels know that the fate of Star-Lord – AKA Peter Quill – was left uncertain after a heroic death in the second installment.

However in the latest edition – titled I Shall Make You A Star-Lord – he did not actually die but actually ended up in a parallel universe where he ends up in a polyamorous relationship with a man and a woman.

I can guarantee you that in the Arkhaven universe, characters that die heroic deaths will stay dead, they will not migrate into parallel universes and polyamorous relationships.

Also, Batman is now black. And possibly obese and transgender, considering who is now writing Batman at DC.