No Deal… or not

despite the fact that deadlines have been missed over and over we think it is responsible at this point to go the extra mile.I wouldn’t put it past Johnson to cave at the last minute and wave around a terrible trade deal with the EU like Chamberlain returning from Munich, but at the moment, it appears that British industry has been told there will be no Brexit deal with the European Union.

The Prime Minister spoke to European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen this morning about the future of the post-Brexit trade talks and is now holding a conference call with the Cabinet.

Ministers have drawn up plans for a £10billion bailout package for sectors of the economy that are set to be badly hit in the worst-case scenario. They include farmers and food producers, chemical suppliers, the car industry and fishing fleets, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

A supermarket industry source told the Sunday Times: ‘There was a conversation a week ago when ministers said prepare for No Deal. This weekend the message is that it’s No Deal.

‘Supermarkets and ministers are hugely worried about panic-buying. They saw what happened over Covid when people started hoarding toilet rolls and know how quickly it can go wrong. That will be nothing compared to what will happen. Meat supplies will be fine and fruit comes from South America but there are likely to be shortages of vegetables for three months.’ 

Last night Boris Johnson seized personal control of Britain’s No Deal preparations as the deadline for historic talks with the EU expires today.

The move came as Government sources put the chances of negotiations failing as high as 80 per cent, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel being blamed for the European Union’s hard line.

One source said that she was ‘determined to make Britain crawl across broken glass’ rather than reach a compromise. 

No Deal was always the optimal way to leave, but the politicians are terrified of the inevitable media sob stories about tomato shortages and how British vegetarians are starving due to the lack of Hungarian lettuce imports. However, it’s a lot more difficult for the pro-EU crowd to appeal to the economy now that the economy has already been shut down due to paranoia about coronaviruses. 

UPDATE: To precisely no one’s surprise, Boris cucked again. He’s certainly no Churchill.

Boris Johnson pulls back from the Brexit brink: PM agrees to CONTINUE EU trade talks despite threatening to pull the plug with less than three weeks to go until the UK leaves.

Most of these countries would be much better off electing professional poker players. This could be the theme song of the cuck: “Despite the fact that deadlines have been missed over and over we think it is responsible at this point to go the extra mile.”

They actually think that what they are doing is heroic rather than rank cowardice. But it’s just fear of abandoning the status quo.