December Library update

First, in the interests of efficiently communicating with the Library and Libraria subscribers, we have sent out invitations to SocialGalactic to all of them. So if you are a subscriber and you’re not yet on SG, please accept the invite and join, as this is the best way to keep abreast of the latest Library news.

Second, we have decided to push back Aristotle’s POLITICS. Book 8 will now be the classic children’s novel HEIDI by Johanna Spyri, and will consist of both volumes in their entirety. Book 9 will be Aristotle’s RHETORIC, as per the request of several subscribers who would prefer to see it first. We will be doing POLITICS, but most likely late in 2021. Other books planned for 2021 are the first volume of A THRONE OF BONES, at least one volume of THE ARTS OF WAR, and SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON.

Third, both editions of THE DIVINE COMEDY have been stamped and will be bound early next week. You can see the Libraria edition below; that is an actual photo of the stamped goatskin ready to have the interior block cased inside. All four editions of PLUTARCH’S LIVES are being stamped today and will also be bound next week. They may or may not arrive in time for Christmas, depending upon where you live and how quickly the bindery is able to process and ship the books.