174,384 unregistered votes in MI

Joe Biden will not set foot in that White House. 170k votes in Michigan have just been discovered to not have a trace to a registered voter in Michigan. For those asking, this information is in the Texas lawsuit. 174k ballots in Wayne County Michigan can not be tracked to a registered voter in the state.

Melissa Tate

Those votes are all absentee ballots to whom no registered voter can be connected. It’s right there in the previous post in the Texas response to Michigan. That is clear and incontrovertible evidence of fraud. Trump clearly won Michigan on that basis alone.

Michigan also admits that it “is at a loss to explain the[] allegations” showing that Wayne County lists 174,384 absentee ballots that do not tie to a registered voter.  Mich. Br. 15; Compl. ¶ 97.