The problem with Parler

Mindy Robinson joins Parler and discovers that it’s just another gatekeeper-run ghetto to control conservatives escaping SJW-run social media.

Parler is collecting people’s phone numbers and driver’s licenses and it still doesn’t guarantee who you’re talking to is real or verified. The dangers of entering all your personal information in an app that could be hacked/sold/used for Doxxing hardly seems worth it.

Turns out, there’s a LOT more wrong and suspect about Parler than just that.

While Parler touts being the only true uncensored platform for free speech….it’s actually more flippant and stricter than Twitter or Facebook ever was. FCC rules? So I can’t say or do anything on Parler that I can’t say on daytime TV? Parler is also against anyone posting “rumors” or whatever the hell that could mean considering the inherent vagueness.

So much for free speech.

That’s “obscene?” Kind of weird maybe, but that’s super tame compared to what people post on any given Twitter thread. So clearly Parler has no intentions of actually being the platform for free speech. Wait a minute, if this is obscene and “unacceptable” on Parler than why wasn’t that imposter account of me taken down for talking sexually about my breasts as if they were me? Are they just making up rules and applying them wherever now?

Yes, actually they are. It’s in their own terms of service that they can change the rules and do whatever they want when they want. But at least it’s an alternative for those already banned on Twitter, right?

No. The terms of service for Parler are some of the strangest and most predatory that I’ve ever seen. If they get sued for something you post, frivolous or not YOU are the one responsible for paying their legal fees.

Even in the communist land of Facebook, I never once heard about someone being responsible for Zuckerberg’s legal fees over something they posted. I bet those kind of lawyers ain’t cheap either. People have been murdered live on Facebook and that never even happened.

By the way, if you even try to question the creator of Parler about these terms of service…he will delete your comments and dismantle your account. So much for transparency….

Parler also wants access to your contact lists from your email. If you do allow them access (presumably to find your friends) they then declare the right to store their contact info and use it for themselves.

Another interesting fact about Parler, is while it’s geared specifically toward conservatives…posts made on Parler do not show up on search engines like Twitter or Facebook does. This has the side effect of silencing conservatives and burying their content on the World Wide Web, which considering the sudden push for Parler right before the November election I find even more suspect.

This really isn’t that hard. Every time – EVERY SINGLE TIME – you see a nominally conservative person or institution or company suddenly become very popular and start being mentioned by the media in any context that doesn’t include the terms “Hitler”, “racist”, and “white supremacy”, it is a trap that has been custom-designed for you. FFS, stop falling for it every single damn time!

“Well, gee, I just really like this professor who occasionally says one or two things that everyone to the right of Jeb Bush already thinks. And that glowing profile in the New York Times makes it sound like he’s really making a difference. I need to get on board that train!”

Seriously, it’s not that hard. Learn to be discerning and stop running after every white van offering you candy.

As for Rumble, that’s right out. From SG:

Now Rumble wants a phone number if you wish to make a comment on a video. These guys just don’t get it.

They get it just fine. You simply don’t understand what they are.

UPDATE: CodeMonkeyZ exposes the Parler charade:

Since parler requires both front/back scans of drivers license or a passport scan to get verified, how was I impersonated as a “verified user”?  Ive never had a parler account. Ive never sent ID to parler.

Why am I verified on parler?

Parler is compromised.