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 Arkhaven is rapidly becoming a must-visit site thanks to the Dark Herald’s daily blogging there:

There were emergency meetings all over Hollywood this weekend and there is no doubt as to why.  Warner Media’s decision to put their entire slate of films for 2020 and 2021 on HBOmax.  While HBOmax has, to put it mildly, underperformed compared to Disney+, Their parent company AT&T can change that instantly. Just by rolling HBONOW into HBOmax and then giving three months free for anyone on one of Ma Bell’s platforms.  The numbers will match Disney’s overnight.  

So why haven’t they?

Two reasons.  First, HBOmax still isn’t on ROKU yet.  And second, there isn’t any reason for people to stay once the free trial is up.  Sure they’ve got a better library than Disney but they don’t have a halo property like The Mandalorian. Dumping the summer tentpoles on HBOmax takes care of those problems.  Look for a relaunch in the spring.

Yes, we’re building something there. No, I won’t tell you what it is. Yes, you can probably guess if you think about it hard enough. Yes, that’s why we haven’t been releasing any comics lately. And no, I won’t tell you the precise timeframe, but Spring 2021 is a reasonable guess.