Banning the banners

 Mailchimp is banned by Slickstack

Starting immediately, SlickStack has begun warning WordPress sites that have MailChimp software installed that we will begin banning it by default at some point in the near future.

(Note: users are always free to install their own plugin blacklist.txt file, instead of using the default one.)

This is in accordance with our official goals of maximizing free speech and website portability, and helping users to avoid implementing services or extensions that will likely present conflicts later on in their website’s life cycle, esp. regarding stability, security, or portability.

Over the past few years, MailChimp’s “leftist” activism and Orwellian censorship has gotten more and more bold. Among many others who have been arbitrarily banned for political reasons include Stefan Molyneux, March for Trump, VICE founder Gavin McInnes, and Alex Jones, and even a random women’s issues blogger named Emma.

Ironically after Alex Jones was banned, his InfoWars emails are now being powered by the Amazon AWS cloud, meaning that the smaller independent MailChimp is literally just pushing users into Big Tech services instead, or creating totally new IaaS services from the ground up, like Parler, Gab, and many others.

At long last we have the answer to the question of who will watch the watchers. Apparently, smaller independent watchers upon whom the watchers have begun to rely.