Supreme Court now has option on PA

Pretty soon we should learn if the Supreme Court will decide if it wants to decide the presidential election or not:

An effort to overturn the presidential election results in Pennsylvania made its way to the Supreme Court Tuesday. Republican Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., and others, including Sean Parnell, contend state officials had no right under the Pennsylvania Constitution to expand mail-in voting in 2019, and the state Supreme Court was wrong to uphold that statute. The group called it “an unconstitutional, no-excuse absentee voting scheme.”

“Pennsylvania’s General Assembly exceeded its powers by unconstitutionally allowing no-excuse absentee voting, including for federal offices, in the election,” the challengers argued in court papers. As a result, the election was “conducted illegally.”

The group seeks an emergency injunction from the nation’s highest court to block the completion of any remaining steps in the state’s certification of Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results, which took place last week. The petition was submitted to Associate Justice Samuel Alito. The court will now decide whether to take the case.

Don’t get too worked up over this one way or the other. The Supreme Court is merely the backup plan in the likely event that the state officials don’t heed the President’s warnings and do the right thing. And there is a backup to the backup plan that may, in fact, be the primary plan given the way in which so many have repeatedly chosen to ignore the warnings they have been given.

UPDATE: Speaking of the backup to the backup plan:

A week after receiving his pardon from President Donald Trump, former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn promoted a call for the president to “temporarily suspend the Constitution” and put the country under martial law.