So much for “certification”

The AZ state legislature does not appear to be impressed by the Secretary of State’s decision to certify the election results while the ongoing hearings were proving the massive amount of vote fraud that took place in the state:

Arizona state representative Mark Finchem (district 11) on Monday issued a call to withhold the state’s Electoral College votes for Joe Biden because “he believes there is enough significant evidence of fraud to invalidate the state’s votes.”

President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis appeared before Arizona state lawmakers in a public hearing on Monday. 

The hearing was chaired by Representative Mark Finchem with a number of House and Senate members on the hearing panel. Trump’s legal team brought out many credible witnesses again on Monday who testified on the Dominion voting machines and other irregularities that point to outright Democrat voter fraud.

They delivered the smoking gun that I wanted to see. Meanwhile the Swamp creatures are clearly getting scared.

Schumer wants the Senate to vote to confirm Biden’s cabinet RIGHT NOW. ASAP. YESTERDAY IF POSSIBLE.

What’s the rush, Chuck?