How to end a political career

It’s really remarkable how so many of these political jackasses don’t see any need to obey the restrictions they are attempting to impose on everyone else:

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has issued a lengthy apology after calling on city residents to stay home for Thanksgiving to avoid spreading the coronavirus, before hitching a flight out of the state less than an hour later.

“Pass the potatoes, not Covid,” Hancock said in a tweet on Wednesday morning, urging Denverites to “stay at home as much as you can” and “avoid travel” for the holiday, among other recommendations amid the health crisis.

About 30 minutes after the tweet, however, Hancock boarded a plane bound for Mississippi, where he would spend Thanksgiving with family – directly at odds with the advice dispensed from his Twitter handle just moments earlier – according to a local NBC affiliate.

That’s just insultingly obnoxious. It also demonstrates why you shouldn’t ever vote for politicians who are parachuted into your locality to rule over you.