Soros bought the Southern Baptists

A lot of Southern Baptists, and former Southern Baptists like myself, looked on askance as the Southern Baptist Convention, led by Russell Moore, leaped into social justice as if into the bosom of Abraham. It turns out that this corruption and convergence of the Southern Baptists began with the corruption of Dr. Russell Moore and his Ethics and Liberty Commission by George Soros:

A report from Enemies within the Church, printed below, contains documents obtained by the filmmakers that link grants and funding from leftist billionaires to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention and its head Russell Moore. The documents include grant data showing the Democracy Fund provided $50,000 to the controversial ERLC’s and The Gospel Coalition’s MLK50 Conference.

Other documents in the report include Dr. Moore’s name in the Podesta emails published in 2016 by Wikileaks….

As more refugee resettlement means more grants to faith-based organizations to resettle refugees a great potential for corruption exists. The North American Mission Board oversees the SEND Network, which plants churches. These plants stand to gain if they can pitch their efforts as community revitalization; something that pairs neatly with refugee resettlement. One vice president of the SEND Network is Dhati Lewis, whose ties to the ERLC are evident by his appearance on their website. Dhati Lewis also takes the stage prominently with Kevin Ezell, leader of the SBC’s North American Mission Board. Kevin Ezell’s leadership of NAMB has been fraught with controversy, as one can see quite clearly by following the website of Will McRaney, a Southern Baptist who has spent years documenting the corruption at NAMB online.

Dr. Moore has tied ostensible gospel efforts to a political lobby funded by George Soros, a man who opposes Biblical doctrine on ethics, life, sexuality, etc., and who openly says he wishes to invest large amounts of money in any willing evangelical that can spin his left-wing politics into a “Christian” endeavor.

I’ve stated previously that Dr. Moore should be expelled from the Southern Baptists and all his works undone. This is further evidence of the need for that. Moore is quite clearly one of the wolves in sheep’s clothing against whom the Apostle Paul warned Christians.

The lesson of the infiltration and convergence of churches from the Roman Catholic to Lutheran to the Southern Baptist over the last 50 years is this: relentlessly police your institutions and organizations. And pay very close attention to every would-be leader who seeks to bring about “much-needed change” or “bring the organization into the modern world”, then rapidly expel them.