Proof is the new evidence

It’s interesting to see the mainstream media narrative keep changing over time. From the Daily Mail:

Trump claims that there is ‘big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia’ as he continues to claim he won the election

President Donald Trump continued to allege voter fraud on Saturday

He claimed there is ‘big voter fraud information’ coming from Georgia

Trump urged his supporters to ‘stay tuned!’ yet offered no further information on what his campaign claims to have found there

Biden was declared the winner in Georgia after a hand recount this week 

Trump’s previous claims of fraud have been widely dismissed as his legal team has failed to supply any proof 

First, the narrative was that there wasn’t any evidence, which we’re still seeing being ignorantly repeated by a few lagging retards who simply don’t know what “evidence” is. Then that shifted to “no strong evidence”, which is still the primary narrative despite the fact that no one in the media is even remotely equipped to understand, let alone explain, the significance of the strong statistical and technological evidence that has already been revealed.

Now, the media has begun retreating to the “failed to supply any proof” position, which we can reasonably expect to be abandoned within two weeks. Of course, once the proof is supplied, it’s game over for Sleepy Joe and a lot of corrupt election officials.