France doesn’t care about Armenia

It’s utterly bizarre to me how some immigrants seem to think that their host nation should give a quantum of a fragment of a damn about the countries they themselves abandoned:

First, the Russians stopped the bloody war in Syria, now they stopped the war in Azerbaijan. For the Empire, this means the total loss of the axis of instability which they lovingly tried to create in the Caucasus and the Middle-East to eventually hit the Russian underbelly. They failed. They won’t forgive this.

Second, most Armenians worldwide are absolutely horrified at the outcome of this war, and they have my sincere sympathy. The problem here is that many of them blame Russia, rather than their own leaders…. Right now, two things are happening: Armenian refugees are clogging the only roads will allow them to flee to Armenia. These poor people will never trust the word of an Azeri or, even less so, a Turk, could say (and who could blame them?!).

This is truly a heart-breaking tragedy which could have been completely avoided had Pashinian and his Sorosites done a few, really basic, things (preparing for war and settling for an imperfect peace agreement for starters). Armenian-NK forces are also withdrawing, and it’s not like they have much of an option here: escaping with their lives is really all these poor soldiers could hope for (and by no fault of theirs, I would add!).

Perhaps if most of those Armenians worldwide lived in Armenia, rather than scattered throughout the world, their fellow nationals would not be saddled with Sorosite government and they would not be horrified at the complete defeat of the nation they left behind them.

By the way, Pashinian, who is hiding in a bunker or inside the US embassy compound in Erevan, is still at it! Yesterday he called Macron, who is under pressure from the huge Armenian immigration in France to do something, to ask for his help and Macron promised to help find a solution acceptable to all sides.

If I was Macron, I’d tell that huge collection of Armenians that if they cared about Armenia, they should have stayed there. Never forget, immigration is war. One side of the coin is invasion, and the other is enervation.