Mailvox: No Deals

 In which I am called out by a nobody on the Internet:

So since you appear so totally confident in the Don still being President after January 21st 2021, how about attaching some actual stakes to them? So, in the event that, contrary to all your predictions, the Trump campaign gets owned in court after completely failing to prove their case, and Joe Biden ends up inaugurated as President of the United States of America in January, would you pledge on this very blog to donate a modest amount, let’s say $10,000, to a Black Lives Matter charity, or perhaps a trans rights charity?

If you’re really as confident as you claim about your “God Emperor” totally remaining President (as opposed to the reality where he lost 306-232), then as I said, put your money where your mouth is, otherwise it just comes across as you telling your supporters one thing while not having the balls to actually prove the strength of your convictions.

No, it really doesn’t. You see, I’ve been blogging here for a long time. This is very far from the first such proposal I’ve received. And the thing is, people like this never, ever pay up when they lose. It’s just a joke, you see. They were just calling me out, you see. They didn’t really mean it, you see. They didn’t sign any contracts, you see. Betting isn’t legal in their state, you see.

Save us the posturing. Epstein didn’t kill himself. And Biden didn’t win. 

UPDATE: There is a lot of this going around. Apparently it’s part of the demoralization campaign. As we’ve seen here, it’s just feeble, projection-based rhetoric.

Just saw your post “Mailvox: No Deals” where the SJW demanded a bet on the election to “prove” yourself, with your Trump prediction and yet the SJW offers no bet himself or way to guarantee his payment. 

This is all very familiar. Another SJW online demanded the exact same of me just a few days ago when I told him Biden’s votes were going to be proven fraudulent.  Again, he offered no stakes, nor anyway to make sure his money would come to me if I won. I told him he was a commie, and therefore going to welch. He whined and demanded I was “punking out.”

All the while he demanded that I make the whole structure of the bet—the stakes, the neutral 3rd party to hold it, the rules on when a win may be declared—despite his offering it to begin with. “If you don’t do all the group project I demanded, you’re lying” kind of b.s.

The SJW hive has seized upon this rhetorical demand and are repeating it, thinking it will shame us. I wonder if an article on some SJW website encouraged this to “prove” we don’t actually believe Trump will win.