The USA is in serious trouble

If Caesar doesn’t cross the Rubicon:

Joe Biden ended up making a gaffe during the most important speech of his life on Saturday night as he misspoke over the numbers of people who have died from the coronavirus in the United States.

The 77-year-old took to the stage for his first speech as president-elect, and was full swing as he gave his election victory speech to hundreds of supporters in Wilmington, Delaware. But he slipped up over his words when quoting crucial figures about the COVID-19 death toll.

After reciting a hymn, he said: ‘I hope it can provide some comfort and solace to the more than 230-million-thousand families who have lost a loved one to this terrible virus this year.’

Aye caramba….  On the plus side, Creepy Joe appears to have at least some idea of what office the Fake News is telling him he is supposed to have won.

Remember, it’s not over until someone is sworn in, and President Trump hasn’t yet even begun to fight. And as he correctly reminds us, “legal counts decide the election not the news media.”