Facebook is in on The Steal

Facebook’s intervention in U.S. election politics is not exactly a surprise, of course:

Facebook Inc. is tightening its grip on speech across its platforms, invoking some of the emergency measures that executives previously described as their “break glass” options to respond to postelection unrest.

The company announced temporary measures to limit the spread of false and possibly dangerous content late on Thursday, hours after it took down a fast-growing group called “Stop the Steal” that was organizing protests of vote counts around the country.

If you’re still on Facebook, then I really don’t know what to tell you. You’re like an animal that voluntarily straps on its own muzzle. And before the first moron tries to respond “but… but YOU’RE on Blogger”, please feel free to point to the evidence, any evidence at all, that a single one of my millions of words posted here has ever been censored in any way.