Trust the President

Trust the plan. Carlos Osweda explains why there is no need to freak out over the Democrats’ electoral shenanigans:

  1. Trump prepared for this exact fight.
  2. Trump LOVES challenges.
  3. The law is 100 percent on Trump’s side.
  4. Trump has a million legal weapons to fight this.
  5. This will lead to greater federal oversight of voting for national office. 


The reason they pulled this amateurish horseshit is that Republicans never fought fraud before.


Leftists always overreach.

A few thoughts:

  1. It really was amateurish. The combination of statistical improbabilities with the obvious nature of the vote production in precisely the counties I highlighted before the election – Milwaukee, Hennepin, and Wayne – made the fraud obvious. The only question is how Trump will prove it.
  2. It’s clear that Trump saw this coming. Why else did he cancel his election night party before the voting started?
  3. Trump loves to trap his opponents. Given the way this was telegraphed, is it more likely that he walked right into the situtation a) with a plan to use it or b) without a plan to use it?
  4. It wasn’t just the states now being contested. The Hennepin County statistics are also historical outliers. There are almost certainly others.
  5. Trump has conceded nothing, nor does he appear to be either rattled or upset.
  6. Did Trump have negative coattails? How did Republicans hold the Senate and gain seats in the House if Biden actually received the most votes in U.S. history?
  7. Never give up until the whistle blows.
By way of example, see if you can spot the outlier in the Democratic vote for President in the DFL stronghold of Hennepin County in Minnesota. Then compare that pattern to the pattern of notoriously corrupt Broward County in Florida.
  • 2008: 420,958 | 491,831
  • 2012: 423,979 | 541,440
  • 2016: 429,283 | 624,146
  • 2020: 532,137 | 617,289