The Key counties

Last night’s Darkstream addressed the key counties that will provide insight concerning who has won the U.S. Presidential election:

The key counties are:

  • Broward – FL
  • Philadelphia – PA
  • Wayne – MI
  • Hennepin – MN
  • Milwaukee – WI

And for an early glimpse into who will probably win the election, pay close attention to Mecklenburg County in NC. If Biden doesn’t get at least 64 percent there, he probably loses the election. On a related note, one viewer emailed to confirm one of the underlying theses about the Swing-Key system.

What you said about Broward County explains what I saw in 2000. It was clear very quickly that everything hinged on FL. I was paying close attention election night, with regular page refreshes, and I saw Bush’s lead increase from the low thousands early in the evening to a very solid 50K by around 2AM (PST). Gore was about to concede and Bush about to declare victory, when, suddenly, in a period of maybe 10 minutes, that lead shrank to around 1500 votes. It really blew my mind. 

You’re going to to need this to know what happened in a reasonable period of time, because Twitter is limiting to seven the number of outlets that are permitted to declare the winner.