Forget the ticket

 Apparently it’s the earworm that you have to take if you want to sell your soul. AC is, unsurprisingly enough, on top of the recent Joe Rogan antics.

One thing talked about in surveillance is the tendency of operators to fidget with their ears, due to discomfort with, and apparent intermittent unreliability of the deeply seated hidden earpieces. I assume they can move slightly while deep in the ear, making the sound diminish or change, and squishing the outside of the ear can jiggle them back and return higher sound levels. 4Chan is all abuzz, because during the Alex Jones interview, Joe looked bothered, reached under his headphone and began to mess with his ear, and suddenly a female voice can be heard saying, “Relax, we’re here.” People think it was Joe’s CIA-Cabal earpiece which tells him what to say malfunctioning, as somebody in the control room messed with feeds and accidentally put it through the main feed. I would have rated this a 51{5c1a0fb425e4d1363f644252322efd648e1c42835b2836cd8f67071ddd0ad0e3} likelihood of being interesting. But then 4CHan was immediately hit with post after post talking about Schizos and meds. That is not something the casually curious normal poster would post, but it is what you will see on any post talking about surveillance, gangstalking, or any other topic the powers that be do not want discussed.

And to precisely no one’s surprise, Spotify disappeared the Alex Jones interview. In Rogan’s defense, it’s entirely possible that he didn’t actually realize he was selling anything when he signed his big money deal. He’s legitimately dumb enough to believe that his numbers actually justified the price. It will be interesting to see how he reacts when he finds out that they think they own him, as I tend to doubt he’ll react in the “definitely not meth” path blazed by Jordan Peterson.