Hunter Biden = Samson

Or so Carlos Osweda concludes:

I’ve been looking at photos of the senile guy’s son.

The newly released photos.

He exposed his father deliberately.

No doubt in my mind.


Here you go. Look at the son’s face. It tells the whole story.

The son has steadily documented his self-destruction.

He seeks oblivion.

Since he can’t escape what was done to him and what he chose to do, he’s bringing down the whole rotten structure.

I’m more than a little dubious, in light of how in one of Hunter Biden’s text messages, he talks about how merely making the accusations of his behavior is tantamount to putting a gun to his head. If he really wants to bring the whole thing down, all he has to do is go on Tucker Carlson and speak honestly about what he has done, and what has been done to him. 

But the theory would make for an intriguing story. The truth is that none of this began with Hunter and none of it will end with him. His ongoing public humiliation is merely proof of what many of us knew all along.