What the Biden videos prove

The shills at /pol/ are desperately trying to minimize the fallout from the growing number of Biden videos being leaked, saying things like “well, I guess I’m not voting for Hunter Biden then” and “OMG, do you losers not realize that some people actually have sex!” But the fact that Hunter Biden is a complete degenerate who may be even more incestuous than he was already known to be isn’t the point. The point is who has the videos of him and why they have so many.

AC explains how the videos may alter our understanding of how the ticket works, since we don’t know which comes first, the corruption or the offer.

I have said previously it has appeared one thing Cabal required to advance people to the highest levels was a willingness to prove fealty by giving their children to the machine. Now, I suspect it was not so much a request they made. Rather, the surveillance was always on the lookout for families like this. Fathers molesting children, sons molesting sisters, drugs, debauchery, and on and on. Remember it is highly likely almost everyone gets a few days of being followed and them listening in your house every year or two, and some may get much, much more. I thought they were on the lookout for threats, but now I think they were probably primarily looking for this. When they found a family like this, how high they rose was only a measure of how degenerate they were. The worse their behavior, the more blackmail Cabal would get, and the higher they would rise. Biden is a complete imbecile, but he is just a smidge away from being President, and if Cabal was in full control, he would be.

As a result of this, we may be poised to find out that almost the entire leadership of our nation is one big orgy of sexually abused people with uncontrolled hyper sexuality, having sex with each other, passing each other their children, and doing God only knows what else. And when you have degenerates like that, and China shows up with $1.5 billion for whoever will sell out American interests, the DNC will very rapidly turn into the DNCCP.

One doesn’t need to force anyone to do what they are already doing. One merely need only facilitate and utilize their actions. Then again, there is no reason why both methods couldn’t be utilized, since having access to the more degenerate set would only make it easier to corrupt the non-autodegenerate people. That’s why I would expect more interfamily relationships like the reported Biden-Coons connection to come to light in the near future.