Which god is that?

 The Fake Pope declares that the unrepentant are “children of god”. By which he apparently means children of his god, the god of this world:

Pope Francis has endorsed same-sex civil unions, saying in a documentary that homosexual people are ‘children of God’ and that they ‘have the right to be in a family’. 

‘Homosexual people have the right to be in a family. They are children of God. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable over it,’ the 83-year-old said in one of his sit-down interviews for the film. ‘What we have to have is a civil union law; that way they are legally covered.’

He added that he ‘stood up for that’ in an apparent reference to his time as archbishop of Buenos Aires when he opposed legislation to approve same sex marriages but supported some kind of legal protection for the rights of gay couples. The Pope’s remarks will come as a shock to millions of Roman Catholics who have long followed the doctrine that gay relationships are sinful and accepted the Church’s stand against the worldwide advance of gay rights. 

I’d feel a lot more sorry for Catholics if most Protestant churches weren’t exactly in the same boat. The invasion and infestation of the leaderships of the Christian churches around the world is pretty close to complete.