Biden laptop is legit – DOJ

The Russia-Russia-Russia rhetoric fails again:

BREAKING: A senior federal law enforcement official tells @JakeBGibson

1) FBI & DOJ concur w/ Ratcliffe that Hunter Biden’s laptop & the emails in question weren’t part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

2) The FBI DOES have possession of the Hunter Biden laptop in question.

MORE: @marthamaccallum is told by a Federal Law Enforcement Official that the emails are “authentic.”

The net is closing in on the Biden crime family. 

UPDATE: JUST IN: Rudy Giuliani just confirmed on Greg Kelly’s show (Newsmax) that there are pictures of underage girls on Hunter Biden’s hard drive. The information has already been turned over to Delaware State Police.

Now, keep in mind that the guy has daughters. So of course he has pictures of underage girls on his computer. But the fact that the information has been turned over to the state police tends to suggest that these are not just normal pictures of his children. 

Also, it’s reported that only 50 percent of the drive has been examined by Giuliani and his team so far. So, no one really knows the full extent of this yet.