“Nobody believes you guys”

The media is gradually beginning to grasp that their relentless demoralization campaign has failed completely:

President Donald Trump trails Joe Biden by 10 points in national polls. He’s getting badly outspent due to a depleted warchest. And his contraction of the coronavirus has yet again turned a harsh light on his handling of a seven-month pandemic.

A good number of rank-and-file Republican voters and local party officials see no cause for concern. They’re still convinced Trump is winning.

Far outside the political media centers of Washington, D.C. and New York, the Trump voters who propelled the reality TV star to a shock victory in 2016 once again see him on a glide path to victory that will stupefy only a hostile media and out-of-touch elites.

The frenzied crowds he’s attracting as he returns to the trail and the Trump banners flying in their neighborhoods measure enthusiasm that can’t be accurately tracked by surveys, they argue. The cascade of negative stories from his downplaying of the pandemic to his private insults of military service members are shrugged off or disbelieved.

And remember how wrong many of the state-based polls were last time? They certainly do.

We’ll find out soon enough. What will happen will happen. But as the ex-governor said, no one believes the Fake Polls put forth by the Fake News. No one should. Because it is transparently false.