The end of American history

I was always amused by the white liberals and conservatives who believed that the Zero History crowd was going to stop with the historical figures that those whites themselves believed to be a little problematic, like Christopher Columbus, Stonewall Jackson, or Robert E. Lee. Of course the eliminati were never going to stop.

Police cleared the streets of central Portland after rioters pulled down the statues of two US presidents and carried out other acts of vandalism in the city, as part of an “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage” protest. Demonstrators targeted statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln as they marched through downtown Portland on Sunday night. Footage shows a crowd cheering as the statue of Roosevelt mounted on a horse is pulled down. The statue was then covered in orange paint and “stolen land” and “murderer” were painted on the base of the sculpture. Roosevelt has been accused of supporting policies that pushed Native Americans off their ancestral lands.

Of course, now that the Zero History savages are going for the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and even Thomas Jefferson, white liberals still can’t accept that they were totally wrong from the start or even lift a finger to resist the intellectual sacking of American history.