Translation: Trump won

The way the Daily Mail described the U.S. presidential debate makes it clear to everyone that Trump crushed Biden in the debate:

Donald Trump and Joe Biden shout over each other and insult each other as Fox News anchor Chris Wallace loses control of ‘dumpster fire’ that was the first US Presidential debate

Joe Biden asked Donald Trump to shut up during their contentious first presidential debate Tuesday night

The Democratic nominee later called the president a ‘clown’  

The president tried to command the stage from out of the box, interrupting his rival repeatedly to make his point, counter Biden, and push himself into the conversation 

It happened so many times that moderate Chris Wallace stepped in, asking the president to let Biden finish his answer

The 90-minute show down between the presidential contenders proved early on that it would a be a knock-out, drag-down match 

Trump wouldn’t say when he will finally make his personal taxes public as he has long promised, but claimed he paid ‘millions of dollars in taxes’ 

Biden called Trump a ‘racist’ when the two men debated race relations and said he is ‘the worst president America has ever had’

Trump brought up a Senate Republican report that claimed Hunter got $3.5 million from the wealthy wife of the former Mayor of Moscow 

When asked if he would condemn white supremacist groups, Trump attempted to skirt the question 

He finally said, ‘Proud Boys — Stand back, stand by, but I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not right-wing problem….. This is a left wing problem’ 

When the media attempts to minimize the event rather than attack the more right-wing individual, that tells you everything you need to know about what happened.