Gab catches up

Gab now has their own servers:

Today is a tremendous milestone for the Gab community.

After over a year of work Gab has finally migrated to our own in-house servers. We own the hardware, which means no one can ban us from using our own technology to host Gab. If you talk to anyone in the technology industry they will tell you that this is no easy task. Most tech startups have the luxury of using third-part cloud hosting providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others.

Gab does not have this luxury.

Over the past four years we have been banned from multiple cloud hosting providers and were told that if we didn’t like it we should “build our own.”

So, that’s exactly what we did.

Good for them. I’m not being ironic or sarcastic, this is exactly what independent platforms need to do across the West. That being said, both Infogalactic and SocialGalactic have been on their own servers from the start, and Unauthorized has been on its own much more powerful servers since February.

The enemy has Cloud supremacy, but all this does is force us to be stronger and more independent on the ground. And when they go after the payment processors, the banks, and even the entire SWIFT system, as they will, what they will discover is that they will only succeed in creating even more formidable competitors.

The thing they simply don’t seem to grasp is that we’re not their only enemies. The entire world is increasingly turning against them.