God loves Big Sexy

 For He has made his enemies ridiculous:

The Katie Nolan vs. Jason Whitlock Thunderdome took a wild twist Monday night when Talcum X took time out of his busy schedule to chime in on the Twitter rager that has blue checkmarks up in arms. “Disgusting that this outlet is bragging about a black woman having to lock her account from online harassment,” Talcum, aka Shaun King tweeted before someone let him in on Katie being white. Really, really white.

In fairness, Shaun King has yet to realize that he isn’t black, so it is understandable that his ability to distinguish black people from white people might not be highly developed. 

America’s race wars have officially gone meta when a white man who thinks he’s black attacks a black man for criticizing a white woman the white man thinks is black. All that we’re missing is the white man who thinks he’s black thinking the black man is white and attempting to play the race card on him.