Blinded by lies

 AC points out that the US “meritocracy” was always a lie:

It is amazing how a conglomeration of these little lies, slipped in below your awareness, almost subconsciously, blinded us completely. We would see pedophile rings, and idiots in power, and public graft, and organized riots, and rumors of a vast surveillance state, and the richest people who were all new billionaires that all got their money off a chance clever idea while no multi-generational old-money family starting with billions, ever stole their idea and their fortune before they ever made it, creating multi-generational dynasties with so much wealth they were undefeatable. We even see an eerie exact rerun of pre-WWII Germany. And we saw all of that, pointing to a shadow dictatorship just out of sight which was lying to us, and rerunning a global plan for world war. But what we believed was we lived in the freest country in the world with privacy, and the people in control of the government, and elections, and it could never really be taken from us. And in reality, we never had it to begin with.

But it is all falling apart now. The truth always breaks through eventually.

I left the USA in part because at the age of 20 I was given the opportunity to see, up close and personal, what sort of people were at the very heart of power in the USA. And they were not only mediocrities, they were corrupt to the bone, without an atom of truth or honesty or integrity in them. 

Perhaps the most accurate way to describe the present system of US government is wickedocracy, or if you prefer, iniquitocracy. Advancement within the system depends upon one’s willingness to take the ticket, to sell one’s soul, to render oneself a hostage to the rulers of the darkness of this world. This is why the establishment hates President Trump and Qanon with such a virulent passion. The President and the movement represent the first genuine threat to the wickedocracy in generations.