A free year of Castalia Library

A generous Castalia Library subscriber has graciously offered to donate an annual Castalia Library subscription to a family that cannot afford the books. Since the subscription presently begins with Lives Vol. II by Plutarch and it would be a travesty to split up the two volumes with their matching spines, Castalia will also be donating a free copy of Lives Vol. I to the recipients.

We’d like the seven books to go to a homeschooling family that cannot afford the price of a Library subscription, so if you feel that your family would meet the requirements for this princely gift, please send me an email before noon on Sunday explaining why you believe your family would be the ideal beneficiaries of the Castalia Library Books 5 through 11, which will include both volumes of Lives, Summa Elvetica, Politics by Aristotle, and at least one volume of The Arts of War, as well as two other books yet to be determined.

After reviewing the emails, I will make the decision and announce the winner on Monday. Below is a copy of the cover of the Library edition of Lives Vol. I.