Trumpslide 90 percent

 The most reliable model in US presidential politics is showing a near-certain TRUMPSLIDE:

A professor of political science whose controversial election model has correctly called five of the last six U.S. presidential elections says President Trump will win reelection in 2020 in a “landslide.” 

Helmut Norpoth, who teaches at Stony Brook University, is giving Trump “a 90-percent chance of being re-elected in a landslide,” the Long Island, N.Y., school said in a recent press release. 

Norpoth’s “Primary Model” has correctly predicted nearly every presidential election since 1996, missing only George Bush’s 2000 victory over Al Gore. When the model is “applied to previous elections,” Stonybrook said, it “correctly predicts an impressive 25 of the last 27.”

Take into account the BLM riots and the observable fact that Creepy Joe Biden suffers from dementia, and the percentage chances of a Trumpslide rise to 300 percent and counting.