Defense is best when it’s diverse

 Best for whom, one has to ask:

The Ministry of Defence has come under fire for having more diversity and equality officers than the Royal Navy has warships. The figures emerged yesterday, after veterans minister Johnny Mercer told parliament that there were 44 civil servants in the ministry and its executive agencies who had ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ in their job title. 

In comparison, the Royal Navy possesses only thirteen frigates, six destroyers, two aircraft carriers and eleven submarines, a total of 32.

The MOD has a target of increasing the number of black, Asian and minority ethnic personnel from 8 per cent to 10 per cent. A ministry spokesman told the Times: ‘Defence is at its best when it’s diverse … Our appointment of these diversity and equality officers shows that we are moving beyond platitudes and putting our words into action.’ 

Apparently every single military historian and strategist is wrong, as diversity and inclusion have turned out to be the vital elements for successful warfighting. If only Caesar and Alexander had known!