Antifa is pedojews

Quite literally and in the most criminal sense. Warning: there are details of the crimes for which the late, unlamented Mr. Rosenbaum’s was allegedly convicted at the link.

Defendant: ROSENBAUM, Joseph Don



Background: Around the end of February 2002, an acquaintance of the defendant brought him home to stay after the defendant was asked to leave his mother’s residence. The acquaintance was the husband of one of two sisters and a cousin who lived in the same neighborhood. For about one month, the defendant stayed at all three womens’ homes and had contact with their sons, the minor victims. The five victims range in age from nine to eleven years old.

The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse should not only be freed and given a medal, he should be given a lifetime license to hunt these satanic creatures. And the God-Emperor should issue substantial Federal bounties on every Antifa member brought to permanent justice.

Assuming the document is genuine – and there does appear to be copious documentation that can be verified – I note that this five-time pedo rapist served about as much time in prison as my father did for failing to pay taxes on less than $2 million.

It’s gradually beginning to become abundantly clear to everyone why the welcome for a certain people eventually wears out in such a reliably catastrophic manner. If being anti-Satan-worship, anti-societal collapse, and anti-homosexual child rape is anti-Semitic, then sign me the fuck up now!