Looting is reparations

Apparently white US citizens don’t owe anything to their black counterparts anymore:

Black Lives Matter Chicago said early Monday’s looting of stores was a form of ‘reparations’ as the group held a protest Monday night in support of the more than 100 people arrested after an evening of violence.

Downtown Chicago was otherwise quiet after authorities cut off access, with drawbridges leading into the city pulled up and freeway exits blocked after riots sparked by a false rumor of a child shot by police.

At least 13 police officers were injured as the violence claimed an estimated $65 million in property damage.

Ariel Atkins, a BLM organizer, called the looting ‘reparations’.

If looting is reparations, then wouldn’t 155 years of black crime more than suffice to pay off any debt incurred by slavery? The lowest estimate of the annual cost of crime in the United States is $690 billion, and blacks account for 37.6 percent of all robberies and burglaries, so if BLM is to be taken seriously, then reparations to US blacks are being paid at an annual rate of $259.4 billion.