No backsies

The God-Emperor’s executive orders cannot be reversed by future presidents:

The President’s twitter is hilarious today, because most of the tweets point out his taking over implementing Coronavirus relief by Executive Order from Twitter would have been unconstitutional, but for the Robert’s ruling recently on DACA, which held Obama could pass an EO, and it could not be reversed by a subsequent President, just like a law. So now Trump has accidentally been coronated King of America, and he appears set to abuse the privileged for the good of Americans, until he forces the Supreme Court to rectify their own bad ruling. And in the interim, Democrats are just completely neutered. Of course, if we get a Democrat President, say good bye to any vestige of America.

Great. So let’s see an executive order banning all post-1965 immigrants and their descendants from voting. That would be a nice start to get the American Inquisition rolling.